Sumo Scandal, Japan’s Top Sumo Wrestler Apologizes

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Japan’s Top Sumo Wrestler Apologizes Over Scandal
Thursday, February 10th, 2011 - VOA

The ancient Japanese sport of sumo wrestling is facing an uncertain future in the wake of a match-fixing scandal.

The sport's governing body has canceled the annual grand tournament scheduled for next month, after three wrestlers admitted to taking part in a scheme to arrange the outcomes of their matches in exchange for thousands of dollars.

Mongolian-born Hakuho, sumo's yokozuna, or grand champion, apologized for the scandal during a press conference Wednesday, bowing deeply as he spoke.

Police unveiled the scheme after examining text messages on mobile phones confiscated last year during an investigation into charges sumo wrestlers were illegally betting on baseball games through organized crime.

Japan’s Top Sumo Wrestler Apologizes Over Scandal
Article from VOA

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