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Save Water and Help Save The Bay
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There are environmentally friendly ways to help save the bay at your home. These efforts can not only help save water, they can help save the Chesapeake Bay. Visit the Chesapeake Bay Foundation at cbf.org if would like to make a donation to help keep the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland healthy.

The below article could be useful to Eastern Shore residents and visitors.

Save Water, Use a Rain Barrel
By: Vicki Duong

In times of drought and famine, resources always had to be rationed appropriately for the sake of survival. Luckily, some of us are fortunate to not have to go through a dire situation to have to depend on rationed resources. However, with the planet in peril, personal rationing of resources doesn't seem like that bad of an idea.

For example, if you happen to be a gardener like my parents and you're familiar with the idea of water conservation but you really need to water your plants for their survival, then investing in a rain barrel is an ideal option for you. Rain barrels, or water barrels, are designed to save and store rain water for gardening purposes. Great for those who are concerned that water conservation is at an all time low, utilizing water saved from these great barrels reduces your city's overall water consumption, which could be used for a greater, bigger purpose. Not only that, it's also environmentally conscious, which is always a plus!

Rain barrels come in a variety of sizes, hold different volumes and even come in few different attractive styles. Holding anywhere from 40 to about 75 gallons of water (that's a lot for gardening alone!), these rain barrels come in handy for anything from gardening to drinking (just be sure to boil the water first).

As mentioned, a variety of styles are available for your rain barrel that'll complement your home and personal style. Your most basic rain barrel looks like, well, a barrel. Other styles include elegant vase-shaped designs and even stackable styles. An option you may want to consider is a flat-back style, which makes it easier for you to place your rain barrel flushed up against a wall. Certain design necessities that you should keep an eye out for include the functionality of the spigot and whether it is user-friendly, portability when it's empty, mesh tops or safety grids that keep small animals and large debris out, and for those who intend to save a LOT of water, whether the rain barrel can be easily linked to another.

Water conservation isn't something new and saving it for future gardening or even car washing use can come in handy. Think of how much money you'll be saving on your next water bill if you choose to go with this alternative. Saving water has never looked so green for both the environment and your wallet!
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