Horse Chestnut Tree In Oxford, Maryland

Oxford's Horse Chestnut Tree

One special Spring time event in Oxford, Maryland is occurs on the property of Sandaway Waterfront Lodging. Sandaway is located in Oxford, Maryland on the Eastern Shore.
The blooming of the Horse Chestnut tree is beautiful. The large tree can bee seen covered with white and pink blossoms. If you like trees and flowers, Sandaway's Horse Chestnut tree should please you. The photo of the Horse Chestnut tree on the right side was taken May 5, 2009 in Oxford, Maryland. When the Horse Chestnut tree reaches full bloom it will be covered in pink and white blossoms like the above Horse Chestnut blossom photo taken another year.

Horse Chestnut Tree definition from answers.com
  1. Any of several trees of the genus Aesculus, especially the European species A. hippocastanum, having opposite, palmately compound leaves, erect clusters of white flowers tinged with red or yellow, and spiny or smooth capsules containing large shiny brown seeds.

"The European horse chestnut, Aesculus hippocastanum, is the horse chestnut most frequently used in herbal medicine. It is a member of the Hippocastanaceae family. Horse chestnuts are in an entirely different botanical family from the well-known sweet chestnut tree, Castanea vesca. Horse chestnuts exist in nature as both a tree and a shrub, and are found in all temperate regions of Europe, Asia, and North America."

Come see a magnificent example of a Horse Chestnut tree in Oxford, Maryland at Sandaway Waterfront Lodging. Experience Green Travel in beautiful Oxford, Maryland.

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