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Is it Tickle Me Elmo? Is it an IPhone? Is it a Furbie?

No the hot, "must-have" Christmas present of 2009 is the NightCat Season Pass. They have been selling off our digital racks without ANY customer fist fighting! The great news is they are STILL available, and can be purchased with guaranteed delivery arrangement still by Christmas if you order by 5 P.M. Wednesday! To order, call Kate Richards at 410-886-2353.

If you missed the last e-mail, for the first time ever, by popular request, we are announcing Season Passports for a year's worth of NightCat shows. It works like this: for $150 (solo) or $250 (couple) you can buy your way into ALL NightCat shows for one year. Lets do some quick math; last year we did over 160 shows and our average ticket was $13.50...to come to every show would have cost a couple $4,320. See what we mean.

And, oh yes, membership has its privileges. Passport holders also receive the following benefits:
Reserved Seating when you come to shows (with proper notice)
Your own personalized NightCat Passport
10% off food and drinks during all Nightcat events
10% off all NightCat merchandise
And a chance to see one of the country's best listening room lineups for free for one year.

What's the catch? Well, we don't think there is one, but here are some rules:

Seats are non-transferable (you can't give them to friends or family to use in your place. Proper ID will be required until we get to know you)
Seats are not guaranteed for you (you still have to call and give us notice that you are coming before a show is sold out)
Seats will only be held for you the night of a performance until fifteen minutes after the show starts. After that we can sell your place.
Season pass begins on the date you first use it OR January 1st, 2010 (whichever is earlier)
We are not responsible for any strain this causes you with other family members who "never see you anymore"
So how do I get them? A couple of ways....

Call Kate Richards (our friendly marketing elf) at 410-886-2353. She is very nice, and can arrange for you to pay for your passports via check, cash or credit card.

- Thanks!

To order tickets for all events at NightCat, call 410-690-4544 , or go online to http://www.nightcattickets.com/

Ticket information for NightCat in Easton, Maryland came from NightCat e-mail.

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