Frederick Douglass YMCA 10 Miler


Frederick Douglass Honor Society
YMCA of Talbot County
10-Miler * May 1, 2010
Accomplish the Possible

Frederick Douglass taught us that anything is possible with

hard work. He said in his speech to schoolchildren, “What was

possible for me is possible for you.”

Retrace the 10-mile path Frederick Douglass walked from the

Freeland farm near St. Michaels to his confinement at the

Talbot County jail in Easton, MD after a failed escape attempt

in April 1836.

His imprisonment at the jail set the stage for a sequence of

events that led to his eventual escape to freedom. His

accomplishments changed history and made extensive

improvements in the lives of all Americans.

Walkers, runners and wheelchair athletes will retrace this

historic route to raise monies for the creation of a memorial to

honor Frederick Douglass on the Talbot County Courthouse lawn.

Plus, half of the race proceeds will be given to the YMCA of

Talbot County to promote physical fitness in the community.

Together We Can Accomplish The Possible.

For more information and to register, please visit

Join the Post-Race Celebration with lots of music, food, vendors and fun!

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