New Year's Eve First Night Talbot - Easton, MD Events

Clock showing midnight surrounded by confetti and ribbons

Entertainment in Downtown Easton, Maryland
New Year's Eve 2010
6 pm through Midnight

• Amanda's Dance Emporium • ArtHouse Live Monologue Competition
• Carlos Mir, Juggler • Christine Lavin, Singer,Comedienne
• Crafts With Lori Yates • Easton 300 Anniversary Journal Readings
• Eric & Debra of Dragon Wings • Free Range Band
• Goin' Monkey with Ellen Wile & Melanie Young
• Gospel Choirs • Kidsinger Jim Hossick • Mid Shore Dance Academy
• Photo Booth Pictures • Tom Crowl, Ventriloquist
• Tommy Buckets, Percussionist • Wye Choral Scholars
• Youth Coalition Teen Dance with DJ Michael Evans

Admission by First Night Button. Available at Talbot County Visitors Center
11 S Harrison St., Easton. Thru Dec. 30, $8 adult/$4 student. Dec. 31, $10 adult/$5 student

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"Amanda's Dance Emporium" (Christ Church Parish Hall) - Amanda Showell has created such a wonderful dance atmosphere in the Parish Hall for the last several years that we named it for her! There will be dance demos and lessons plus free dance for both Families and Adults. No experience, no partner required.

ArtHouse Live Monologue Competition (Town Hall) - This Fifth annual competition will again feature a number of the community's finest actors performing their own choice of monologues - competing for cash prizes. (Adult themes and language.)

"Cascading Carlos" Mir, Juggler (on Harrison St. & in the Waterfowl Festival Building) - Entertaining everyone outside in the street before the 9pm Crab Drop, then inside the Waterfowl Festival building - up close & personal!

Christine Lavin (Avalon Theatre) - is a New York City-based singer-songwriter and promoter of contemporary folk music. She has recorded numerous solo albums, and has also recorded with other female folk artists under the name Four Bitchin' Babes. She is known for her sense of humor, which is expressed in both her music and her onstage performances.

Crab Drops (Harrison St.) - "Midnight in the Mid-Atlantic" at 9pm and the "Maryland Crab Drop" traditional countdown at midnight are so cool that they attract national attention each year. Dragon Wings' fabulous sea creature puppets and hats have been added to the celebration this year.

Crafts with Lori Yates (Waterfowl Festival Building) - Make your own hat, wand or hand puppet at the Waterfowl Festival building so you can join the parades to the Crab Drops.

Easton 300 Anniversary Journal Readings (Town Hall) -Easton's 300th Anniversary year began at First Night 2010 with the creation of the first journals. Now it's time to hear what has been said as you listen to the fascinating memories and stories

Free Range (Christ Church Parish Hall) - Steve & Ali Quillen, Curt Fox and Bryan Vance play traditional acoustic music - an eclectic mix of bluegrass expanding into old-timey, folk and Irish.

Goin' Monkey (Academy Art Museum) - Ellen Wile, Melanie and Ian Young present this fun, interactive musical experience for children of all ages - join the jumpin'!

Gospel Choir Concerts (Christ Church Sanctuary) - Jackson Jubilee Singers, Union Baptist Mass Choir, Emmanuel Deliverance Center Choir and Asbury Celebration Choir filling the church with their joyous songs of faith and hope.

"Kidsinger Jim & Friends" (Waterfowl Festival Building) - Jim Hossick has a whole LOT of new friends ... BIG ones - great tunes, great fun, great to have him back for First Night.

Mermaid "Sirena" (Avalon Theatre) - This incredible puppet created by Dragon Wings appeared in the Town 300 Anniversary Parade, and now she'll be on stage at the Avalon all evening. Be sure to meet her in person - she's absolutely charming (and a bit over-whelming)!

Mid Shore Dance Academy (Historical Society Auditorium) - Shari Smigo presents her talented dance ensembles of all ages in all types of dance... sure to please and delight.

Parades to Crab Drops - Join friends wearing sea creature hats and waving puppets as they gather for the countdowns for the 9pm and midnight Crab Drops .

Photo Booth (Waterfowl Festival Building) - New this year! Get your family photo to remember this evening's event. It's FREE with your First Night Talbot button ... such a deal!

Tom Crowl (Avalon Theatre) - "Alone Again Un-naturally" - Oh, but he's not alone! His ventriloquism creates characters of all sorts - including you! (Wonder what "Sirena" will say?)

Tommy Buckets (on Harrison St. & in the Waterfowl Festival Building) - A perpetual percussionist with personality! Outside near the Crab Drop on S. Harrison St. before 9pm, then "up close & personal" inside the Waterfowl Festival building so you can rat-a-tat too!

Wye Choral Scholars (Academy Art Museum)- Directed by Bonnie Forgacs, these talented young people will present advanced choral music from historical and cultural traditions. We welcome them.

Youth Coalition "Black & White" Teen Dance with DJ Michael Evans (Historical Society Auditorium) - Talbot Partnership sponsors this venue, and this year their Youth Coalition will celebrate with a special teen dance.


Admittance by First Night Button
Available for purchase at all venues except Christ Church Sanctuary & Town Hall

106 South Street
7 - 10:45pm

7 & 8 "Goin' Monkey" - Ellen Wile, Melanie & Ian Young
9 & 10 Wye Choral Scholars - Bonnie Forgacs, Director

40 East Dover Street
7 - 11:45pm

7 & 8 Tom Crowl, Ventriloquist
8:45 Join the Parade to the Crab Drop
9:30 & 10:30 Christine Lavin, Singer/Comedienne
11:45 Join the Parade to the Crab Drop

111 South Harrison Street
6 - 11:45pm
Amanda's Dance Emporium with
DJ/ Instructor/Hostess Amanda Showell

6 to 8 Family Dance with Amanda
8 & 9:15 Free Range Band, featuring Steve and Ali Quillen
8:45 - 9:15 Beginner Salsa dance lesson taught by Amanda Showell
10 - 11:45 Adult Dance with Amanda

111 South Harrison Street
6 - 8:45pm
Admittance by First Night Button or $2 donation

6 - 6:30 Jackson Jubilee Singers
6:45 - 7:15 Union Baptist Mass Choir
7:30 - 8 Emmanuel Deliverance Center Choir
8:15 - 8:45 Asbury Celebration Choir

17 South Washington Street
7 - 11:30pm
Sponsored by Talbot Partnership

7 & 8 Mid-Shore Dance Studio - Shari Smigo, Director
8:45 Join the Parade to the Crab Drop
9 - 11:30 Youth Coalition "Black & White Dance" with DJ Michael Evans
11:30 Join the Parade to the Crab Drop

11 South Harrison Street
5:30 - 11:30pm
Button Sales, Information, Volunteer Headquarters, Public Rest Rooms

14 South Harrison Street
7:30 - 11pm

7:30 - 9 Easton 300 Anniversary Journal Readings
9 - 11 ArtHouse Live 5th Annual Monologue Competition (Adult themes)

40 South Harrison Street
6 - 10pm

6 - 10 Crafts for all ages with Lori Yates
6 - 10 Photo Booth
6:30 - 8:30 Kidsinger Jim - puppets/music/dance/up-close
8:45 Get ready for Crab Drop
9:15 - 10 Cascading Carlos, Juggler; Tommy Buckets, Percussionist

Free and Open to the Public

6:30 - 8:30 Cascading Carlos, Juggler; Tommy Buckets, Percussionist
8:45 - 9:15 "Midnight in the Mid-Atlantic" Crab Drop with parade of Dragon Wings' Sea Creature Puppets & Hats
11:45 Join the Crab Drop Celebration
Midnight Traditional Countdown to Welcome New Year 2011

First Night Talbot New Year's Eve information sourced from firstnighttalbot.com

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