CBS News Correspondent Lara Logan - Brutal Attack

Brutal attack on CBS News correspondent Lara Logan

The National Press Club is urging authorities in Egypt to aggressively investigate and bring to justice the individuals responsible for the brutal attack on CBS News correspondent Lara Logan.  The NPC also notes with extreme dismay reports that dozens of other journalists have been injured or killed since the unrest began last month.

"We commend our colleagues in journalism as they work under the most adverse of circumstances and encourage governments everywhere to help facilitate the free flow of information.  Lara Logan's most admirable courage and top-notch skill in the face of adversity is well-known and inspiring.  The National Press Club sends best wishes to her as she recovers in the U.S. Our thoughts are also with other journalists who have been targeted during the unrest in Egypt," said NPC President Mark Hamrick.

National Press Club

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