U.S. Senator John McCain Calls for ‘Regime Change’ in Iran

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McCain Calls for ‘Regime Change’ in Iran
Thursday, February 17th, 2011 - VOA

U.S. Senator John McCain is calling for regime change in Iran, saying the government there is “oppressive” and “brutal.”

In an interview with Voice of America's Persian News Network Wednesday, Senator McCain said he thinks online social networking tools, like Twitter, will help Iranian protesters organize and ultimately succeed in changing the government.

McCain said the United States should support the protesters, and he criticized U.S. President Barack Obama for trying to negotiate with the Iranian government.

Mr. Obama has so far stressed sanctions and diplomacy as its preferred course in dealing with Iran, though in recent days he and some administration officials have spoken out harshly against Iran's crackdown on anti-government protesters.

Mr. Obama said this week the U.S. “cannot dictate what happens” in Iran and other countries in the region seeing major protests, but he said his administration will lend “moral support” to those seeking better lives.

McCain, the Republican party's nominee for president in 2008, has since had a frosty relationship with Mr. Obama.

McCain Calls for ‘Regime Change’ in Iran
Article from VOA

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