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Oxford, MD: A Picturesque Haven for Plein Air Artists at Sandaway Suites & Beach

 Welcome to Oxford, MD, a hidden gem nestled on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. This picturesque town has long been a haven for plein air artists, offering stunning landscapes, charming streets, and a vibrant artistic community. If you're an artist looking for inspiration, look no further than Oxford, where you can immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and create your own masterpieces. And for the perfect base to explore this artistic haven, Sandaway Suites & Beach is the ideal accommodation choice. In this blog, we'll delve into the charm of Oxford, highlight the premier plein air event, Plein Air Easton, and provide tips and techniques for plein air painting in this idyllic setting. So grab your easel, paints, and brushes, and let's discover the artistic wonders of Oxford, MD.


Exploring the Charm of Oxford, MD: A Haven for Plein Air Artists


Oxford, MD is a hidden gem for plein air artists seeking a charming and picturesque destination to create their artwork. This quaint and sleepy little town offers a tranquil atmosphere and beautiful scenery, making it the perfect place for artistic inspiration.


When it comes to finding the perfect base for your artistic adventures, look no further than Sandaway Suites & Beach. This boutique hotel is located on the waterfront, offering stunning views of the Chesapeake Bay. The cozy accommodations and private beach make it an ideal retreat for artists looking to immerse themselves in their craft.


The combination of Oxford's charm and Sandaway Suites & Beach's amenities creates a perfect haven for plein air artists. The town offers a variety of outdoor locations for painting, including breathtaking waterfront views, historic buildings, and natural landscapes. Whether you prefer to capture the beauty of the Choptank River or the Tred Avon River, Oxford has it all.


In addition to its natural beauty, Oxford also boasts a rich history and culture that add to its charm. Artists can not only enjoy creating art but also explore the local shops, restaurants, and attractions that make Oxford unique. The Oxford Museum, Paint Oxford Day, Plein Air Easton, and the Oxford Regatta are just a few of the events and activities that artists can partake in during their stay.


At Sandaway Suites & Beach, you can expect spacious rooms, free WiFi, and free parking. The property is well-maintained and offers a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for artists to relax and unwind after a day of painting. With its interactive website sandaway.com, you can easily make a reservation and secure your spot at this exclusive adults-only property.


So, if you're a plein air artist looking for a charming and picturesque destination to fuel your creativity, Oxford, MD and Sandaway Suites & Beach are the perfect combination. Start planning your artistic retreat today and experience the beauty and tranquility that this hidden gem has to offer.


Accommodations at Sandaway Suites & Beach: The Perfect Base for Artists


Oxford, Maryland is a picturesque location surrounded by natural beauty, making it the perfect base for artists. The town is situated on the Tred Avon River, with stunning landscapes providing the ideal backdrop for plein air painting. Artists can easily find unique and picturesque spots throughout Oxford to set up their easels and capture the beauty of the town.

If you're planning a trip to Oxford to indulge in your passion for plein air painting, Sandaway Suites & Beach is a top accommodation choice. This boutique hotel is located in close proximity to the natural beauty and artistic inspiration that Oxford has to offer. With spacious rooms, a private beach, and convenient amenities, Sandaway Suites & Beach provides a comfortable and convenient base for artists to explore and create in Oxford.


Whether you're looking for a location to scout for plein air painting or seeking inspiration from the natural beauty of Oxford, Sandaway Suites & Beach is the perfect place to stay. Book your reservation today and immerse yourself in the artistic charm of Oxford, Maryland.


Plein Air Easton: The Premier Event for Plein Air Artists


Continuing the theme of celebrating art, Plein Air Easton is the premier event for plein air artists, attracting the best artists from around North America. This week-long festival showcases the talent and creativity of 58 juried painters from around the world as they create onsite works of art and compete for prizes and career-making accolades.


But Plein Air Easton is not just for professional artists. The festival also offers opportunities for amateurs with workshops, lectures, and exhibitions throughout the week. It's a chance for art enthusiasts to learn and be inspired by the talented artists participating in the event.


One of the most highly anticipated events during Plein Air Easton is the Quick Draw competition. More than 175 artists participate in this fast-paced event, creating artwork in a limited amount of time. It's an exciting and dynamic part of the festival that showcases the skill and creativity of the artists.


Plein Air Easton is not just a painting competition; it's a celebration of the art form. The event includes various activities such as demos, workshops, exhibits, and lectures. Attendees can immerse themselves in the world of plein air painting and learn from experienced artists.


The festival takes place in Easton, Maryland, a charming town that offers a variety of accommodations, art galleries, restaurants, and shops for attendees to enjoy during their visit. Whether you're an artist looking to participate in Plein Air Easton or an art enthusiast looking to experience the event, Easton has something for everyone.


In 2024, Plein Air Easton will celebrate its 20th year, showcasing the longevity and success of this event. It has become the largest and most prestigious juried plein air painting competition in the USA, attracting artists from all over the country and beyond. It's a testament to the quality and reputation of Plein Air Easton that it has continued to thrive and grow over the years.


So mark your calendars and make plans to attend Plein Air Easton. It's an event that celebrates the beauty and creativity of plein air painting and offers something for everyone, from artists to art enthusiasts. Don't miss out on this premier event in the world of plein air art.


Creating Artistic Masterpieces in Oxford, MD: Tips and Techniques for Plein Air Painting


Plein Air Easton is an annual event in Oxford, MD that has gained significant popularity among artists from all over. In fact, the event in 2022 raised over $462,000, showcasing the significance of plein air painting in the community. One of the highlights of Plein Air Easton is the Quick Draw event, where nearly 200 artists gather to create a painting in just 2 hours or less. This unique opportunity allows artists to showcase their skills and creativity under time constraints.


What sets Plein Air Easton apart is its commitment to public participation and support. The festival invites the public to join in the festivities, creating a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere. This not only adds to the excitement of the event but also provides artists with an opportunity to connect with art enthusiasts and potential buyers.


For plein air artists visiting Oxford, MD, Sandaway Suites & Beach is the ideal retreat. This boutique hotel offers cozy accommodations and a picturesque waterfront location. Situated on the Chesapeake Bay, with a private beach and stunning views of the Choptank River and Tred Avon River, Sandaway Suites & Beach provides a tranquil setting for artists to unwind and create.


The natural beauty and charming streets of Oxford serve as endless inspiration for plein air artists. Whether capturing the vibrant colors of the sunset over the bay or painting the quaint streets of the town, Oxford offers a haven for artistic adventures. Sandaway Suites & Beach provides spacious rooms, free WiFi, and free parking, ensuring a comfortable and convenient stay for artists.


So, pack your easel and paints, and make Sandaway Suites & Beach your home away from home as you embark on your artistic journey in Oxford. Whether you're an experienced plein air artist or simply an art enthusiast looking to explore this picturesque destination, Sandaway Suites & Beach and the vibrant Plein Air Easton event will leave you feeling inspired and rejuvenated.


All in All


Oxford, MD truly is a haven for plein air artists. With its stunning landscapes, charming streets, and vibrant artistic community, it offers endless inspiration and opportunities to create beautiful masterpieces. Whether you're attending the premier plein air event, Plein Air Easton, or simply exploring the town on your own, you'll find that Oxford has a magical quality that will ignite your creativity. And with Sandaway Suites & Beach as your base, you'll have the perfect accommodation to relax and recharge after a day of painting. So why wait? Grab your art supplies and immerse yourself in the beauty of Oxford, MD - a paradise for plein air artists.





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