Oxford, Maryland Aerial Views

This Oxford, Maryland video was created using Remote Control Aerial Photography. The remote control airplane took off from the Oxford Cemetery.

Did you know there is a famous grave in the Oxford Cemetery?

Tench Tilghman (December 25, 1744–April 18, 1786) was an officer in the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary war and was George Washington's trusted confidant throughout the war. Tench Tilghman served as an aide de camp to General George Washington, achieving the rank of lieutenant colonel.

An estimated 10,000 American soldiers died from disease rather than battle during the American Revoluionary war. Tench Tilghman was among those patriots who contracted disease during the war. He died at the early age of 42 years. This was a tragic death because Tench had little time to love a woman as a family man and did not live to see American democracy in action. The United States Congress rewarded Tench’s merits and George Washington recalled him fondly.

From George Washington’s letters to Tench Tilghman's brother Richard Tilghman on May 10:

As there were few man for whom I had a warmer friendship or greater regard for your brother Colonel Tilghman—when living; so, with much truth I can assure you that there are whose death I could have more sincerely regretted—And I pray you and his numerous friends to permit me to mingle my sorrows with theirs on this unexpected and melancholy occasion. June 5, 1786 ...none could have felt his death with more regard than I did, because no one entertained a higher opinion of his worth. Tench Tilghman is buried in the Oxford, Maryland cemetery.

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