Oxford, Maryland Picket Fences

Oxford, Maryland is a wonderful waterside town to take a bike ride or peaceful walk. You most definitely will see a lot of picket fences in Oxford. Now through September be sure to see the featured Oxford, Maryland picket fences with artwork from local artists.

Take a Tour of Oxford, Maryland's Picket Fences
Oxford residents used the Traditional Oxford Fence to express themselves. Their works of art are displayed throughout the town of Oxford, and are numbered with their locations, artist, and title.

1. Oxford Ferry
Joan Nubie
Oxford by the Shore

2. Robert Morris Inn
Santy Gibson
Sunset at Sandaway

3. Gallery 214
Donna Richards
Mother Goose

4. Ruffled Duck Inn
Dennis Buttner
General Pickett's Nightmare

5. Oxford Bank & Trust
Oxford Bank
Dog Park

6. Hinckley Boatyard
Susie Hackman
New Life
7. Cutts & Case
Linda Kirvan
Sailing Away

8. Schooners/Scottish Creamery
Joyce Buttner
God Blessed America

9. Oxford Museum
Libby Cole
Oxford's Train

10. Tred Avon Yacht Sales
Mimi Starke
Oxford, As Good As it Gets

11. Mystery Loves Company
Robin Cawley
Basket of Flowers

12. Nichols House
Joanne Boughner
Peaceful Oxford

13. St. Paul's Wesleyan Church
Jane McCarthy
Boomer's Morning Walk

14. Oxford Inn/Pope's Tavern
Anne Sharrif
Gateway to the Past

15. Oxford Community Center
Lorraine White
Funky Fish,-Crazy Crabs.

The picket fences will be displayed throughout Oxford, Maryland until the end of September. Please plan to attend Oxford Business Association's Silent Auction Event on Saturday, October 10 from 4 to 6 pm at the Oxford Community Center. Food and wine will be served and the picket fences will be on displayed on will be auctioned by silent auction on that evening.

History of the Oxford Picket
Early photographs of the town show that the unique Oxford picket fence graced lawns in Oxford around the mid-1800s. We don't know who installed the first fence or who imagined its distinctive and exotic design -- the onion dome with center hole. That architectural shape had been popular in Russia, India, and the Middle East for centuries. So it's not far-fetched to ponder that an early sea captain brought the fence to town. - - Beth Schucker

Oxford, Maryland picket fence information came from the Oxford Business Association.

For more information on Oxford, MD picket fences you can also follow this blog link http://femmesfatales.typepad.com/my_weblog/2009/08/picket-duty.html

Here is a quote from this blog about Oxford picket fences.

"If you're looking for a great way to spend an afternoon, you could do worse than to head down to Oxford . . . stroll around town seeing the sights, including the fences . . . eat at one of the waterfront restaurants . . . and maybe drop by Mystery Loves Company for a good book."

For additional pictures of Oxford, Maryland picket fences visit http://femmesfatales.typepad.com/photos/oxford_fences/

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