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"THE END OF THE LINE" movie is coming to Oxford, Maryland during the Chesapeake Bay Film Festival Sept 18-20, 2009. Screening: Saturday • Oxford Community Center • 10:30am • 89 minutes.

Most movies will be shown in Easton, Maryland - just about 20 minutes away from Oxford. "The End of the Line" will also be shown in St. Michaels, Maryland.

"The End of the Line" is an apocalyptic documentary that is as beautiful as it is damning…"The End of the Line" benefits from its supremely photogenic subject matter. That would be the oceans of the world, handsomely shot by some half a dozen cinematographers under the direction of Rupert Murray…..” Los Angeles Times

Director: Rupert Murray Author of the book The End of the Line: Charles Clover Producer: Claire Lewis, George Duffield Executive Producer: Christopher Hird Director of Photography: Rupert Murray Editor: Claire Ferguson Genre:

Documentary Synopsis: As the world's demand for fish and other seafood increases and the technology available to commercial fisherman becomes more sophisticated, the annual harvest from global seaports has grown tremendously in recent years. However, the rise of industrialized fishing has not come without consequences, and many environmentalists and oceanographers believe that the current demand for fish and the methods used to fulfill it are taking an irreparable toll on the world's oceans, with some speculating that the seas could be literally fished-out by 2048 if current trends do not change. Filmmaker Rupert Murray offers an in-depth look at the crisis in the world's oceans in the documentary End of the Line, in which experts discuss some of the key factors behind the looming shortage -- increased demand for endangered species, irresponsible methods employed by major fishing lines, lax enforcement of current regulations -- and what can be done to head off the famine before it's too late. End of the Line was an official selection at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival. - Mark Deming, All Movie Guide Sponsor: NOAA-MDNR Cooperative Oxford Lab

endoftheline.com Screening: Saturday • Oxford Community Center • 10:30am • 89min • local panel Saturday • St. Michaels Library • 1:00pm • 89min • local panel Q&A with Steve Early, Deputy Director, NOAA-MDNR Cooperative Oxford Lab and Dr. Howard Townsend, National Marine Fisheries Service follows film.


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