Living On A Boat

Here you will get an entertaining introduction to living on a boat by Ayla. She takes you on a tour of her floating home from which she will share her world adventures during the next several years. Ayla will give us a tour of the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, in St. Michaels during an upcoming blog post. Saint Michaels is just 7 miles from Oxford when you take the car ferry.

When you visit Oxford, Maryland you can see many different styles of boats. Oxford's most famous boat is the Oxford Bellevue Ferry that creates a short-cut to St. Michaels, Maryland.

The waterside town of Oxford, MD was once Maryland's largest port of call and is still an important center for boat building and yachting. Oxford is a protected harbor for watermen who harvest Chesapeake Bay seafood including oysters, crabs, clams and fish.

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