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Oxford, Maryland RUMMAGE SALE February 27, 2010

OXFORD, MD.... So it`s winter and you are finally getting around to cleaning out that closet (room, shed, boat, house, etc.) that you`ve been trying to get to for awhile. But - what should you do with all the stuff you don't want? It's too good to throw in the trash (after all you liked it at one point), but the idea of having a yard sale in freezing weather just doesn`t work for you. Well, here`s a thought - take your "used to be treasures" to the Oxford Firehouse for the semi-annual Rummage Sale. The Ladies Auxiliary will be accepting donations from 9am to 4pm on February 26. If you have large items that will require assistance to unload, please call Jan Mroczek at 410-226-0139 prior to the 26th to make arrangements.

Of course, now that you will have gotten rid of all your "junk", you should stop by the Rummage Sale between 9am and noon on Saturday, February 27th and see what new treasures you can find!

Sponsored by the Oxford Ladies Auxiliary for the benefit of the Oxford Volunteer Fire Company.

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  1. A modern rummage sale is usually a cheerful event for a good cause. However, the term rummage sale actually originated in the rather dingy atmosphere of old ship holds and docks.