International Year of Forests Declared for 2011 by United Nations

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International Year of Forests

The United Nations (UN) General Assembly has declared 2011 as the International Year of Forests to bolster efforts to promote sustainable management, conservation and development of forests worldwide. In 2011, the U.S. Forest Service – in partnership with other organizations -- will host/coordinate many activities to celebrate the International Year of Forests.

The International Year of the Forest provides an excellent platform to increase awareness of the connections between healthy forests, ecosytems, people and economies, said U.S. Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell. It also is an opportunity to celebrate our accomplishments, reach out to new audiences, and work with partners across all landscapes, he said. Chief Tidwell goes on to say that the Forest Service will incorporate the International Year of the Forest theme "into plans for annual public events such as Earth Day, Arbor Day, National Get Outdoors Day, National Public Lands Day, Weeks Act Commemorations or other appropriate community gatherings."

Commemorative Activities Planned for International Year of Forests

A series of events for 2011 are being planned in the Forest Service across the nation. Forest Service units participating in the IYOF are asked to add to the events list by by sending the following information to Thiery Curtis or Helene Cleveland: date of event/activity; event name and location (full address); contact (name/phone/email); and any comments about the event.

Use of the UN IYOF LOGO

The Forest Service has obtained approval to use the International Year of Forests logo. For reporting purposes, the UN will be informed of Forest Service events and informational materials for which the logo is used. The International Year of Forests logo is primarily intended for three kinds of promotional use: information, fundraising and use by a commercial entity. Parties outside the UN system(e.g. partners and stakeholders) may use the logo after obtaining approval from the UN Forum on Forests Secretariat in accordance with the requirements outlined in the UN Logo Use Guidelines.

UN Calendar of Events for IYOF

The Forests 2011 website www.un.org/forests will host a searchable calendar of events. All organizations are encouraged to organize activities to be showcased on this website. For more information, email forests@un.org

Credit - US Forest Service

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