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Ecuadorian Court Fines Chevron $8 Billion in Environmental Case
Monday, February 14th, 2011 - VOA

A court in Ecuador has ruled against U.S.-based Chevron oil company in an environmental case that has been ongoing for about two decades.

The court Monday said Chevron was responsible for oil contamination in Ecuador's Amazon region and ordered the company to pay $8 billion in fines. Chevron rejected the ruling as “illegitimate” and said it would appeal the decision.

The lawsuit stems from damages sought on behalf of 30,000 Ecuadorians who live in the region. In the suit against Chevron, the plaintiffs said the company failed to clean up millions of gallons of polluted wastewater produced by its Texaco unit, which Chevron acquired in 2001. The plaintiffs accused Chevron of damaging the environment and their health while operating petroleum facilities.

Chevron denies the pollution charges and says Texaco carried out a $40-million cleanup when it ended operations in Ecuador.

Ecuadorian Court Fines Chevron $8 Billion in Environmental Case
Article from VOA

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