Clean The Bay Day - Chesapeake Bay


23rd Annual


Saturday, June 4th, 2011

Registration for Clean the Bay Day will be open in March 2011

QUESTIONS? E-mail: ctbd@cbf.org

Thank you for a GREAT turnout!
THOUSANDS brave heat index of over 100 degrees to Clean the Bay on June 5th, 2010.
7,430 volunteers
419 miles cleaned
217,641 pounds of debris
245 sites

Photo - Chesapeake Bay Foundation
Clean The Bay Day
 We had it all ... thousands of volunteers, elected officials, and employees of corporate sponsors cleaning up 108.82 tons of debris—almost all synchronized at the exact same time across Virginia.
THANK YOU for going above and beyond in your commitment to better quality in local streams and rivers, and the Bay. And check back with us for updated numbers.
Some odd things found include a case of un-opened beer, an unopened gas mask canister, a marijuana pipe, bait boxes, a car muffler, shotgun shells, and aluminum furniture.
View tons of pictures or be the first to add your photos of the day's activities to our Facebook Fan Page's wall facebook.com/chesapeakebay. You also can send them to ctbd@cbf.org.

You can continue to Save the Bay throughout the year by becoming a better Bay steward at home.
1.  Speak Out! Let your voice be heard regarding important legislation affecting our Chesapeake Bay and rivers. Write or call your senators and congressional representative, urging them to vote in an environmentally responsible way.
2.  Natural Cleaners Only - use natural, non-toxic, phosphate-free cleaners like baking soda or borax with hot water for most household cleaning tasks. You’ll be reducing toxic chemicals in wastewater while saving money.
3.  Reduce Fertilizer Use - always get a soil test first to be sure what your lawn requires; use fertilizer sparingly, and only when necessary. Excessive fertilizers contribute to nitrogen and phosphorous overload in rivers and the Bay, which can lead to low oxygen levels and dead zones.

Photo: Chesapeake Bay Foundation

4.  Only Rain in Storm Drain – allow only rain to go down the storm drain and use a broom not a hose or power blower, to clean debris from decks, patios and driveways. You’ll save water, reduce emissions, and curb stormwater runoff.
5.  Bay-Friendly Car Care - take your vehicle to a commercial car wash or wash your car on an unpaved surface with phosphate-free soap so water soaks into the ground, not into the storm drain.
6.  Reduce Rain Runoff - direct rainwater away from paved surfaces; direct gutter downspouts onto lawn or flower beds, or into a rain barrel.

Fully half of Virginia is drained by Chesapeake Bay rivers, and two-thirds of the state's population lives within the Bay watershed. From the farm fields of the Shenandoah Valley to the pinewoods of the Eastern Shore, for most Virginians the Bay is as close as the nearest creek or stream.

Clean The Bay Information Came from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation at

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