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Become a Cyclist for the Bay

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 The Bay you love is in TROUBLE.
The Chesapeake Bay is dangerously out of balance. The Bay and its rivers and streams are being choked by nitrogen and phosphorus pollution, toxic contamination, and oxygen depletion.

You can be part of the solution. Join CBF's CYCLIST FOR THE BAY program and help protect this national treasure.
Membership is FREE!

Pledge now and receive:
  • Two CYCLIST FOR THE BAY stickers to proudly display your support for the Bay and its tributaries.
  • Pledge card with useful Bay information.
  • Access to Cyclist Network — an online source for all things Bay area cycling. From links to great area organizations to forums where you can share routes with other cyclists for the bay!
  • Automatic enrollment in CBF's Action Network, our e-mail alert system for important Bay issues.
  • Discounts on merchandise from CBF's online store.
Questions? Contact Heather Tuckfield at htuckfield@cbf.org or 443.482.2151.

Become a Cyclist for the Bay

Take The Pledge 

  • Use my bicycle instead of a car whenever possible to reduce the harmful effects of vehicle emissions.
  • Ride my bike to work at least once a week, if circumstances allow.
  • Do what I can to promote cycling as an environmentally-friendly means of transportation.
  • Spread the word that vehicle exhaust contributes more than one-third of all the nitrogen pollution entering the Bay from the air.
  • Encourage other cyclists to join the fight to protect and restore the waterways, farmlands, and forests of the Bay region.
  • Speak out for decisive action to save this national treasure.

Become a Cyclist for the Bay

Take The Pledge 

Welcome to the Cyclists Network!

The Bay you love is in TROUBLE. Luckily, your actions as a Cyclist for the Bay can make a difference in the quality of our waters.

By taking the pledge, your dedication to cycling will help reduce pollutants that harm the Chesapeake and our environment in general.
Here on the Cyclist Network you will find useful resources to suppport your effort to save the bay through cycling. Welcome!
  • Washington DC was recently named one of the most improved cities for cycling! See the full article in Bicycling Magazine!
  • Reasons To Commute By Bicycle! Health, Economic, and Environmental benefits...read more here.
  • In a new report released by the League of American Bicyclists, Virginia Ranks 23rd for Bike Friendliness. The League recently ranked states using a questionnaire that addressed 70 factors on "6 key areas: legislation, policies and programs; infrastructure; education and encouragement; evaluation and planning; and enforcement".

    The highest and lowest rankings were awarded to Washington and West Virginia respectively. Virginia placed 23rd in the ranking. The Bicycle Friendly States program, a separate program from Bicycle Friendly Community Awards, was supported by Bikes Belong and Trek Bicycle Company.
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Google is one step closer to making the world safer for bicyclists by adding bicycle routes to Google Maps. Visit maps.google.com, select Directions, and choose "Bicycling" from the drop down menu.


The CBF store is full of great gear for your ride, or just for enjoying your day outside!
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Cyclist for the Bay informaiton came from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation website www.cbf.org

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