Oxford, Maryland - Boating, Tourism, and Seafood

"Beautiful Oxford was the first port-of-entry on the Eastern Shore, designated so in 1683 by the Maryland General Assembly. Despite its beginnings as a prominent international shipping center, moving among other things the tobacco grown in the nearby plantations, the town's economy has gone up and down like a yo-yo. Following the American Revolution, Oxford lost its luster. Businesses went under, people moved away, and cattle roamed free.

It took almost a century for the hamlet to dawn again, thanks to advances in technology. The railroad boosted commerce, and advances in the food-packing industry made Oxford's oysters a nationwide product. People moved in and built houses, the trains and steamships made their rounds, and the Port of Oxford boomed into the 20th century, when things quieted down once again.

These days, Oxford is a peaceful port whose main business is tourism. Visitors arrive by land and water to recharge in an easygoing atmosphere, grateful to have such a haven for escape."

From Shipping Hub to Quiet Retreat

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