Heavy Facebook Users Less Happy - Study Says

 Did you know research over the past several years shows that heavy users of social media tend to be less happy than non-users?

 A new study now suggests that social media tools like Facebook can also affect how we perceive the happiness of others.  Watch this ad free video by VOA about Facebooks impact on university students.

"They found the students who were more involved with Facebook were more likely to think other people’s lives were happier and better. This was especially true among students who included more strangers on their Facebook accounts."

"Psychologists say Facebook and other social media can be valuable tools to connect with people and the world. But that assurance does come with a warning. “Don’t spend a lot of time just looking at other people’s positive events. Share your own and see who are your true friends, who really cares for the things that happen to you,” Kashdan stated."

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