Chocolate Covered Strawberries Help Blood Pressure - Study Shows for Dark Chocolate

 Valentine's Day will soon be here on February 14th. Research shows the popular Valentine's Day gift of Chocolate covered strawberries can help blood pressure. Watch this ad free video from VOA  about the health benefits of dark chocolate covered strawberries.

"Researchers find that dark chocolate and aspirin have similar effects on the blood. They thin out the blood so it flows more easily, even through partially-blocked arteries, and that could reduce the possibility of a heart attack."

"Flavinoids are nutrients found in many different kinds of plants. They help protect plants against disease and insects. When we eat food with high levels of flavinoids, these nutrients trigger our immune systems to produce enzymes - proteins - that reduce the risk of some kinds of cancer, heart disease and some other diseases that come with age."

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Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberries Recipes
Enjoy this heart healthy dark chocolate snack or dessert over Valentine's Day

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